Stenn Wins 'Best Receivables Financier' at TFG Awards

12 de febrero de 2019

London, February 12, 2019 – Stenn International Ltd. (“Stenn”), a provider of trade financing solutions across global markets, has been awarded “Best Receivables Financier” by Trade Finance Global (TFG).

Stenn International is amongst some of the many organisations recognised and commended for their contribution to the trade sector at the 2019 International Trade Finance Awards.

The provision of capital to businesses in a world of increasing regulatory scrutiny, tightening monetary policy and a competitive lending landscape continues to be a challenge to financiers. TFG have identified the market leaders who are actively helping to fund the USD $1.5 trillion (USD) trade finance gap, taking into consideration ethical and sustainable financing practices, delivering efficiencies in trade finance and modernising the industry.

Deepesh Patel, Head of Marketing at Trade Finance Global, said: “Given Stenn International’s innovative products, from trade to receivables finance, as well as their non-bank status, Stenn is able to finance in sectors and geographic regions currently under-served in global trade.

“Having extended its capital program for trade finance by $500 million (USD) in 2018, we’re confident of Stenn’s ability to finance receivables in light of Basel III restrictions on trade finance, the regulatory landscape, and geopolitical challenges between emerging and developed economies,” he added.

Kerstin Braun, PhD, President at Stenn Group said: “I am honoured that Stenn was nominated and accepted as the Best Receivables Financier. It puts in perspective that our hard work has truly impacted the global trade community – that we’re making a difference for international companies. Our core goal is to fuel international trade and finance the potential of every company, so I’m happy to see this mission follow through. I appreciate this recognition and feel even more passionate and motivated to bring innovative solutions to more and more beneficiaries.”

She added: “I’m also proud of the expansion of our geographic footprint. By the end of 2018, our portfolio of countries that we work with reached 70 countries. I’m proud that we can allow suppliers and buyers in even more countries to access our solutions. Moving forward, we aim to work with 120 countries, which is 60% of all countries and 90% of the global GDP.”

The winners for the Trade Finance Global 2019 Excellence Awards were announced this morning, as follows:

Best Financiers Category

Best Trade Financier – Commerzbank AG

Best Receivables Financier – Stenn International

Best Invoice Financier – Bibby Financial Services

Best Alternative Financier – GapCap

Best Export Credit Agency – UKEF

Best Islamic Financier – Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank

Best Supply Chain Financier – Demica

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About Stenn International, Ltd.

Stenn International Ltd. is a UK-based, non-bank trade finance provider specialized in cross-border trade. Stenn’s trade finance solutions are comprehensive and can be combined to cover the entire supply chain from purchase order to delivery of goods. Innovative practices allow Stenn to finance in sectors and geographic regions currently unserved in global trade. The company operates globally with offices in Los Angeles, Dallas, New York, Miami, London, Amsterdam, Dusseldorf, Berlin, Mumbai, Chennai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Shanghai and Qingdao. Learn more at or follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.


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