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Easily. Stenn earns fees from companies that choose to finance their invoices with us. If you introduce a new client who finances at least one invoice with our platform, we will pay you a percentage of the fees we earn on every invoice we finance for that client in their first year with us.

Introducing clients to our platform can be a part-time or full-time activity.

Find out more in this video from Stenn’s Chief Finance Officer.

We have a simple system that provides you with a customized link to share with your contacts. When one of your referred contacts requests Stenn financing, you will be credited. You can track the progress of your referrals on the Stenn platform.
Both. Since invoice financing benefits both buyers and suppliers, our services may be initiated by either the buyer or supplier. Suppliers use Stenn to help develop new business relationships and increase their revenue by offering ‘deferred payment’ terms, which is the preferred payment method for buyers as it maximizes their cash flow.
Here are some key reasons:
  • Stenn is the largest and fastest-growing online platform for financing small and medium-size businesses (SMEs) engaged in international trade.
  • We provide rapid financing services in 74 countries.
  • Stenn is fast, automated and easy to use. Using, suppliers can apply for financing from $10 000 to $10 million (USD) by signing only two documents.
  • We assume the risk. Your contacts will not have to repay their finance if the buyer defaults.
  • Stenn’s financing fees are extremely competitive and can be as low as 0.99% per month, depending on the financing volume and 3-Month Term SOFR rate (calculation using 3-Month Term SOFR of 4%).
  • We specialize in financing sectors and geographic regions that other providers can’t, or won’t, serve.
  • Stenn’s platform can finance invoices within hours, compared to weeks (or even months) with other organizations.
  • We advance at least 90% of invoice face value, while competitors typically advance 70-80%.

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Suppliers who meet the following criteria can apply for invoice finance:
  • A supplier must be an export company, a legal entity existing for at least 12 months.
  • It must sell consumer or professional goods, such as apparel, automotive parts, electronics, finished goods, food products and ingredients, machinery, equipment, metals, packaging, etc. We can also finance professional services such as software development and consultancy.
  • We can finance invoices payable up to 120 days (sometimes up to 180 days as an exception).
  • Your buyer will be an importer in a country free of sanctions and cannot be one of your affiliated companies.
  • Stenn can not finance invoices connected with oil, gas or coal; conflict minerals; sanctioned goods; weapons and firearms; precious metals; dual-use goods; crypto; pornography.
  • Your buyer can not be in a sole proprietorship.
  • Your buyer can not be in arrears, insolvent or involved in court proceedings in the last two years.

Stenn Certified Representatives (SCRs) are people who actively connect export/import companies to the Stenn financial platform. They earn commission from successful introductions. It can be a full-time or part-time income opportunity.

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An SCR invites potential clients to Stenn’s financial platform in order to offer financial support to those businesses via online invoice financing. To invite a client, an SCR uses the Stenn App interface. This is a convenient and easy-to-use tool which automates the invitation process.

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No previous experience or financial knowledge is required, but you will need to go through our short online introduction with basic instructions and FAQs.
A Stenn Certified Representative can invite several types of clients to the Stenn Platform. Usually, it will be export/import companies with a minimum turnover of $500 000 - $3 million (USD) per year or more. Stenn can help to grow their turnover, protect sellers from non-payment and give buyers an opportunity to access better terms and conditions.

As soon as the client gets financed and the deal is closed, the SCR will receive a commission from Stenn on every invoice that client finances in their first year with us. Depending on volume, SCRs can be earning well over $60 000 (USD) a year.

Rates of commission and all details concerning payment will be discussed with those who apply for this post.

Find out more in this video from Stenn’s Chief Finance Officer.

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